Akshay Kumar tweets to fans asking them to be cautious against Corona

After Kartik Aryan shared his self styled PSA on Twitter and Instagram with his passionate plea, popular Bollywood star Akshay Kumar made his heartfelt request on Twitter that people avoid social contact and stay put till we have won the fight against Coronavirus.

In the 2 minutes 24 seconds long video, Akshay wished his fans well and asked them to stay put because, in the race against Corona, the winner will be the one who won’t buzz. He said he hoped everyone was staying indoors and if outside, it must be for some important reason. Akshay is worried that several people who have been diagnosed at the airports as at low risk and were home quarantined were still roaming around and going to birthdays and marriage parties even when they had been warned by authorities. They were not just endangering their own lives but also of others around them. It is a race against Coronavirus and the ones who will stay put will win. Otherwise, all the efforts made by those healthcare workers, BMC and other personnel working day and night to prevent the spread of Corona would fail because of the carelessness of a few.

Akshay also lauded BMC for its efforts to prevent Corona in the video. The popular star has always been very passionate about personal health. His Sooryavanshi which was slated to be released on March 24 has its release postponed. Akshay Kumar had shared the notification from Rohit Shetty Picturez on Twitter on March 12th announcing Sooryavanshi’s release being postponed till the situation was normal. Earlier Akshay Kumar had also lauded PM Modi’s address of the nation and his plans for fighting Corona and requested people to support his initiatives and join him in the fight through social distancing and Janta Curfew.

Listen to the message Akshay shared with his fans here:

Several other stars including Amitabh Bacchan, Kartik Aryan and Hritik Roshan have also lauded the scale of efforts being made by the Modi government to fight Corona and requested their audiences to support him and follow his instructions. Akshay said in his PSA everything could be normal again in a few weeks given people follow the instructions given by the authorities.

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