Apple is the first company to surpass $1.5 trillion market cap

Apple’s (Nasdaq: AAPL) stock performance during Covid-19 has been really great. Its stocks have gained fast in recent weeks. The company breached the $1.5 trillion mark in terms of market cap today. Apple’s market cap is now at $1.52 trillion. Apple’s stock price opened at $347. 9 and touched a high of $352.84 (highest in the past 52 weeks).

Meanwhile other tech giants have also enjoyed sharp growth in their market caps. Microsoft’s market cap touched $1.48 trillion while Google’s is also approaching $1 trillion (approx $996 trillion). Amazon’s market cap has touched $1.32 trillion today. Apple had touched the $1 trillion mark in 2018. However, some analysts have predicted that the company will touch the milestone of $2 trillion in just 4 years. The way, the stocks of these tech brands have performed during Covid-19 is nothing less than a miracle. Analysts seem to be particularly bullish about Apple stock.