Coca Cola foundation awarded 13.5 million to five nonprofit organizations

The Coca Cola Foundation has donated $13.5 million to five non-profit organizations in the US fighting against Covid-19 and helping people and communities most impacted by Coronavirus.

Many large businesses in the US are coming forward to provide financial support to organizations fighting Covid-19. beverage giant Coca Cola has also announced financial support for non-profits in the US fighting against Coronavirus. The number of deaths by Coronavirus has topped 400 in the US as the total number of cases grew past 32,000. NewYork is the state with the highest number of cases at 15,168 according to a CNN report. Seeing the growing menace and highly contagious nature of the novel Coronavirus, the state and Federal governments are anxious that the number of cases could increase sharply over the course of the pandemic. Several companies have declared financial aid so that the fight against Coronavirus could continue uninterrupted. The beverage giant announced a financial aid of $13.5 million on March 20 for five non-profit organizations involved in the fight against Coronavirus in the US and Canada, now one of the worst-hit countries.

Coca Cola donates to help non profits fight against Covid-19.
The Coca Cola Foundation is the philanthropic arm of The Coca Cola Company.

Coca Cola has earlier also provided financial aid to organizations engaged in combat against Covid-19. The latest grants from the Coca Cola Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Coca Cola will mainly support the organizations providing relief to first responders and residents of economically disadvantaged communities in Atlanta as well as across North America. The Covid-19 crisis is evolving and the company will announce additional grants soon. James Quincey, chairman, and CEO of the Coca Cola company said,

“We are deeply concerned about the growing impact of coronavirus in Atlanta and beyond, especially in the most vulnerable parts of our communities. We are using the resources of our company and The Coca-Cola Foundation to make a difference by providing much-needed assistance to organizations that are positioned to mobilize quickly and provide essential humanitarian relief.”

James Quincey, Chairman and CEO Coca Cola.

The organizations that immediately received grants from Coca Cola are:

Feeding America:

Feeding America received a grant of $5 million from the Coca Cola foundation to support its COVID-19 Response Fund that enables a network of more than 200 food banks across the United States feeding the most vulnerable members of the community during the crisis.

Boys and Girls Clubs of America:

A $5 million grant from the Coca Cola Foundation went to Boys and Girls Clubs of America for helping more than 4.7 million students in communities where schools are currently closed. Apart from meals and essential community service, relief efforts include support to families of first responders, military, National Guard, Military Reserve, and healthcare workers. The organization will operate for longer hours in the worst-hit parts of America.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada:

The organization received a grant of $750,000 from the Coca Cola Foundation to provide essentials for struggling families and club employees; care for children of emergency health workers; mental health and counseling; and other emergency needs.

Food Banks Canada:

A grant of $750,000 went to Food Banks Canada to provide communities with food during the crisis through its network of more than 650 food bank organizations and 4,500 distribution centers.

Center for Disaster Philanthropy:

A $2 million support from the Coca Cola Foundation will help the organization support its COVID-19 Response Fund for helping local agencies providing childcare and other community services for people impacted the most by the crisis.

Apart from the US and Canada, the company has also previously provided a $2 million donation to organizations in Italy and China. Coca Cola has announced it is continuously monitoring opportunities to offer its support for Covid-19 response efforts.