Delhi CM announces lockdown

Apart from advising people to follow his tips to prevent the spread of Covid-19 on radio, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal announced Delhi lockdown in a tweet.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal sounded concerned and anxious speaking on radio to the residents of Delhi. The popular CM has announced several measures for the residents of the states during the crisis. At this time, when everything has come to a standstill in New Delhi and most people are indoors before their television sets and radios, Delhi CM is using all the means available from radio to social media to reach them and share tips and advice on the prevention of Coronavirus. The highly contagious nature of the novel Coronavirus is a matter of grave concern for the state and central governments of India. 

CM’s advice is being shared across radio channels to alert people about the growing menace of Coronavirus. Kejriwal spoke that the Coronavirus is highly contagious and he is concerned for the lives of Delhi residents. He also assured people that he will be doing his best to keep them safe and urged them to practice social isolation in order to stay safe from Coronavirus. In the few minutes long radio notice, Delhi CM asked people to be careful and observe the best practices he shared to be safe from Coronavirus. He shared tips for people to follow to control the spread of Coronavirus like washing hands regularly, keeping safe distance during interactions and staying indoors.

Kejriwal also told people not to panic since most of the Corona cases were being treated successfully and a large number of patients have recovered from it. Delhi CM had previously announced that he was willing to lockdown Delhi if needed for the sake of people’s health and safety. An hour ago he announced through a tweet a lockdown of Delhi and shared a video answering some important queries related to the lockdown and Covid-19.

“We have taken the extreme step of lockdown from today. Why? I need your cooperation. Answers to some of your common queries. I am convinced that we can defeat Corona if we put up a united fight”.

Arvind Kejriwal. Delhi CM.

Kejriwal also tried to convince people through his radio announcement that the situation can be brought under control faster if people stayed indoors for some days. The Delhi CM advised that people obey the lockdown and also that he is praying to God for everyone’s health and safety.