Kartik Aryan is concerned about Coronavirus and people’s lack of seriousness

After PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation on the dangerous spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19), the ‘Pyar Ka Panchnama’ actor Kartik Aryan brought his self styled PSA advising his fans and followers about the seriousness of the issue. The actor shared the video on Instagram and Twitter and looked genuinely concerned about the issue. At the end of the video, the actor pleaded with folded hands to stop Corona through social distancing.

The video has gone viral and his fans lauded his style on Instagram. On Twitter, the video drew mixed responses where some called it better than the PM’s address whereas others tried to troll him. However, at a time when Corona has caused thousands of deaths, the actor’s words deserve to be taken seriously. The actor sounded most concerned about people underplaying the seriousness of the situation. In his 2 minutes 24-second video, the actor talked about pretty much everything from corona to social distancing, the lack of seriousness among people and their excuses that ranged from economic to social.

According to the actor, the real problem was that people were unwilling to listen and concerned about their jobs and the economy when they must be concerned for their lives. Corona has brought everything to a standstill from schools to colleges and offices. Even new movies are not being released anywhere worldwide but in India, people are still concerned about playing cricket and attending birthdays when they must self isolate according to Kartik Aryan. In the video, Aryan also referred to renowned immunologist Anthony Fauci who talked about Coronavirus on Facebook live to remind people of the seriousness of the issue. The actor said that even he would have felt depressed to see people catching trains to Juhu beach to relish Pav Bhaji when they must strictly stay indoors.

Aryan does not want people getting sick with Corona and especially anyone above 50 must instantly heed to his advice. While his PSA drew mixed responses from his followers, the actor really looked genuinely concerned over how people were still leaving homes to attend birthdays, parties and hang out with friends. Several more celebs from around the world have also taken to social media including Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian to tell their fans that they must isolate themselves to avoid Covid-19 infection.

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