Netflix Released Money Heist Part 4 Teaser

Money Heist Part 4 Teaser.

Netflix has released a teaser of its award-winning drama Money Heist part 4 giving a glimpse of the chaos abut to follow. It is a Spanish drama originally named La casa de papel. Part 4 of the drama premieres on April 3rd. The 50 seconds long teaser shows a tense police team pointing its guns at the gate of the bank. Suspense mounts as the professor (Alvaro Morte) appears in a pensive mood inside a room and Nairobi (Alba Flores) on a stretcher wearing an oxygen mask and struggling for life. The teaser shows tension intensifying with Raquel Murillo being taken away by the police.

Created by Alex Pina, the popular drama series has a team of thieves led by a mastermind called Professor. The thieves do not call each other by their names but have been assigned new names based on names of places like Rio and Tokyo to hide their original identities.

In part 3 Professor and his team reunited to free Rio from the police who got himself arrested by a police team arriving in motorboats through the sea. The riveting crime series has won Best Drama at the International Emmy awards. Earlier, Netflix had also released a trailer of Money Heist part 4.