Shashi Tharoor hails health workers, writes to the government to relax laws governing MPLADS funds.

Today, Shashi Tharoor tweeted his letter to the Indian government seeking a relaxation of laws governing the MPLADS funds to make the necessary purchases for combatting the spread of Coronavirus. He also hailed health workers as superheroes in another tweet.

Shashi Tharoor today hailed the health workers fighting the war against Coronavirus at the frontline as the real heroes. The Kerala MP and prominent Indian author expressed his gratitude through a tweet including a meme with health workers as superheroes. Throughout the world, leaders and celebs have recognized the role health workers are playing during the crisis and expressed their gratitude on social media channels. Tharoor thanked the health workers in India, doctors, and nurses, on the behalf of INC and All India Professionals’ Congress for their dedication and courage in the fight against Covid-19 in India.

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Tharoor Tweeted

“Our doctors, nurses& healthcare professionals are today’s true superheroes! All of us in @INCIndia & @ProfCong extend our heartfelt thanks for their service, their dedication &their courage in combating #Covid19India ! [Yes the meme is from the West but the concept applies here!]”

Tweet by Shashi Tharoor.
Tharoor shared his sincere gratitude through a meme.

Earlier, Tharoor also tweeted his letter to the government to relax the rules governing MPLADS fund to permit the purchase of the necessary equipment to fight Covid-19. In his letter to the central government, Tharoor highlighted the urgent need to purchase PPE kits, N95 face masks, face shields, 3 layer masks, and medical goggles to protect the medical fraternity in his constituency. Apart from that, Tharoor highlighted the urgent need to purchase thermal imaging scanners, corona testing kits, and infrared thermometers. The existing rules and regulations related to procurement from the MPLADS funds do not permit the purchases Tharoor has highlighted in his letter and therefore he has sought a relaxation during the crisis.  He added that the custodian of all such purchases will be the District Medical Officer of Thiruvananthapuram. Tharoor has also included a letter of recommendation under procurement from the MPLADS fund from the District Collector.

Tharoor tweeted,

“Today I wrote to the Govt asking for the rules governing MPLADS funds to be relaxed to permit the purchase of necessary equipment to combat #COVID19outbreak. Have also allotted my funds in a letter to the District Collector, pending GOI approval.”

Shashi Tharoor, Kerala MP.

In the end, Tharoor wrote in his letter, ”These are extraordinary times which demand a rethinking of our current set of rules, especially given that an exception were to be sanctioned in this case, it would significantly help the people of my constituency in our campaign against the transmission of the virus”.