Taylor Swift urges fans to self-quarantine

Taylor Swift urged her fans to avoid going outdoors and to self-quarantine like her cat Meredith. Stars are using social media to tell their fans and followers to stay safe from Coronavirus. Kim Kardashian also warned her fans to avoid going outdoors.

A day ago Taylor Swift urged her fans on social media through her Instagram and Twitter accounts to self-quarantine like her cat Meredith. The American star shared the post on both Twitter and Instagram with her followers. Her post included the image of her pet cat Meredith sitting inside a hollow sphere in self-isolation.

Swift added that it was her kitty’s way of life and that people should try being like her. She was referring to the coronavirus outbreak and advised her fans to stay indoors. Social distancing or self-quarantine is right now the best means to avoid getting infected when the influence of Corona has reached all the fifty states of the United States. Corona has stifled life and travel in the US as well as many more nations of the world. Celebrities from around the world are using their social media accounts to tell their followers to keep precautions and avoid going to bars and restaurants. Till now 100 deaths in the US have been linked to Coronavirus.

Washingtonpost appreciated her action calling her the leader we need right now. At a time when Covid-19 is making life difficult for people in many parts of the world including America, celebrities can speak directly to their fans doing tremendous good in the process, wrote Jessica Gold. The gap left behind by the political leadership can best be filled by stars like Swift. Other celebs including Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger have also urged their fans on social media to avoid social contact and stay indoors. Arnold shared two-three videos on Twitter; one is a handwashing tutorial, another is him cycling around which is the only thing he is getting outdoors for and a third rather hilarious one with a donkey and a pony.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian warned her social media fans through her Twitter account to stay indoors to stop the spread of Coronavirus. She requested her young fans to stay indoors and take the directive seriously if they cared for their and their family’s well being. Kim asked her fans not to leave their homes but only when they need to restock essentials, to help someone in need or to visit a doctor. She also reminded them that the virus does not discriminate and everyone is equally at risk.

So, everyone, please listen to what your star says. Avoid going outdoors, wash your hands and keep every precaution to avoid getting infected. Cristiano Ronaldo whose two teammates have been diagnosed with Corona flew to his hometown to quarantine himself in his luxury villa there. He also tweeted to his fans to wish everyone all the best in the fight against Coronavirus.

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