Tips from Google for seamless remote working

The spread of Coronavirus has led to employers around the world asking their workers to work from home on a large scale to sustain their business during the crisis. For people who never worked remotely, getting used to it can be difficult initially. Many people around the world may find it difficult to adjust to their new work situation. Some may not be able to unleash their productivity the way they do when surrounded by colleagues. However, you can stay productive even when working for home given you keep certain things in mind. Laura Mae Martin, Executive Productivity Advisor at Google shared her productivity tips for remote working in a blog post on March 18, 2020. These are some great tips and remember, at this time you cannot expect to have everything the way you want so be ready to ignore the minor disturbances in your home office.

Choose a designated spot for working:

Just any spot is not the spot to work and you must select from where you want to work. You can settle on the couch or with your laptop on the dining table but to get yourself in the mood to work, you need to select a more consistent space. Having a designated spot to work from helps your brain associate that spot with getting work done writes Martin. You can arrange your desk to make it look like your workplace. Grab a new mousepad and keep your favorite snacks nearby. Martin also suggests not to carry your work into all the corners. So when you mark the spot for work, mark the spots where you won’t work as well. It is important to create some mental distance and allow yourself to relax instead of working all the time and from everywhere.

Hangouts Meet:

Martin suggests using Google’s Hangouts Meet for online meetings. There are some tricks to use it as a pro like lowering the video quality when using under bandwidth restrictions, getting the audio through your phone while using video chat and captioning the meetings to ensure everyone follows.

One tab at a time

Keeping too many tabs open is absolutely normal but not right now and if you do not have a large screen at home then it is even better to focus on one tab at a time. Just like you keep your phone away during a meeting, minimize all the other tabs when you are on a video call from your laptop.

Follow your regular routine

Do not just wake up and get hold of your laptop instead you must follow your normal routine like getting up, dressing up, having breakfast and then getting your work desk at home. Wearing pajamas is cool but it will not help you get in the mood to work. Don’t follow a rigid schedule and try experimenting with your normal schedule. You might be able to find more suitable timings for work. Moreover, changing your work schedule could help you unleash your productivity at home.

Don’t be working forever

Setting the limits can be difficult when you are working from home but you do not need to be working all the time. Set your work hours in the Google Calendar to let people know when you are available and keep your computer at your work desk so you do not carry your work all the time with you around your home. Take small breaks as you do in your office and call a friend during the break. You may also need to adjust a bit because compared to your office you may have slower internet or more working people inside your home. So, try to let others have the necessary space and try adjusting a bit when working remotely.