Volkswagen extended production suspension

Volkswagen announced extending production suspension in German plants in a press release on March 26. The company notified production suspension will extend until April 09 and its employees’ health and well being is its highest priority.

Amidst continuously falling demand for automobiles worldwide due to the spread of Covid-19, Volkswagen has extended its production suspension till April 9, 2020, the company reported in a press release on March 26. meanwhile, it is also working on resuming production as soon as possible.

Due to the spread of Covid-19, the situation has become highly challenging for auto firms all over the world. Companies are facing tough challenges down their supply chain. While demand is falling sharply, supply chain disruption has made production challenging for automakers. Volkswagen one of the largest automakers in the world announced March 26 in a press release that it is extending production suspension in its German plants till April 09. The company is responding to the decline in demand and difficulties caused by supply chain disruption.

The plants affected are Dresden, Emden, Osnabrück, Wolfsburg and Zwickau as well as the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles plant in Hanover, the plants of Volkswagen Group Components at Brunswick, Kassel, Salzgitter, Chemnitz and Hanover and the German plants of SITECH.

Volkswagen AG.